Applicable scope of "Business Manager"

It is stipulated as "Activities engaged in the management or management of trade and other businesses in Japan (excluding activities engaged in the management or management of businesses that cannot be done without qualifications related to legal and accounting business)". The specific cumulative total of activities is as follows.

  1. Activities to start and manage a business in Japan or engage in the management of the business
  2. Activities to participate in a business that is already in operation in Japan, manage it, or engage in management of that business
  3. Activities to manage or manage a business on behalf of a person (including a corporation) who manages the business in Japan

Requirements for "Business Manager" to be recognized

The requirements for a status of residence of "Business Manager" are as follows.

  1. There must be a place of business in Japan to run a business. However, if the business has not started, the facilities used as the business to run the business must be secured in Japan.
    It is not necessary to own the facility used as a business establishment, but in the case of renting, it is necessary to obtain approval for use as a business establishment.
    In order to use a part of the residence as a business establishment, it is necessary that the residence and the business establishment are clearly separated.
  2. The scale of the business pertaining to the application corresponds to any of the following.
    a)Two or more full-time employees residing in Japan other than those engaged in the management or management shall be engaged and operated.
    b)The amount of capital or the total amount of investment is 5 million yen or more.
    c)It is recognized that the scale is equivalent to that of (a) or (b).
  3. If the applicant intends to engage in business management, he / she must have at least 3 years of experience in business management or management (including the period of majoring in business or management subjects at graduate school). In addition, it is necessary to receive a remuneration equal to or greater than the remuneration received when a Japanese person engages.

Precautions for applying for a visa

  • When applying for a status of residence of "Business Manager" you must pay attention to the "Business plan."
  • The Immigration Bureau examines the applicant's business continuity and the basis for this judgment is the "Business plan.''
  • Therefore, if it is not recognized that there is business continuity in the "Business plan", permission may be refused.
    Some people easily think, "It's okay because someone else is already doing business,'' but this is a big mistake.
    This is because just because someone else has succeeded in a business, it does not necessarily mean that the applicant will be successful in doing so.
  • In order to obtain a status of residence of "Business Manager", it is important to have a thorough "Business plan."
  • If you are unsure about creating a "Business plan", we recommend that you ask a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist to assist you in creating a "Business plan".
    We have been involved in the formulation of business plans for many years during our time as company employees, and based on our extensive experience, we will fully support the creation of your ”Business plan”, so you can leave it to us with confidence.

Precautions for visa renewal

  • Business continuity is one of the important factors when renewing a status of residence of “Business Manager”.
  • Renewal is not disapproved for a single year's deficit settlement, but if the deficit settlement continues for two consecutive years or if the debt is insolvent, the continuity of the business will be rigorously examined.

For those who are thinking of establishing a company

Our office will support the establishment of a company for those who are thinking of establishing a company with the acquisition of the status of residence of "Business Manager".

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