Purpose of the Technical Intern Training system

The purpose of this system is to transfer the skills, technology, or knowledge cultivated in Japan to developing regions, etc., and to cooperate in the “development of human resources” that will lead the economic development of those developing regions.
Specifically, we will accept foreigners from developing countries, etc., to Japan for a maximum of five years, and transfer their skills through OJT.
Until now, it has been implemented based on the "Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act" and its ministerial ordinance.
Currently, a new technical intern training system is being implemented based on the Act on Proper Implementation of Technical Intern Training for Foreigners and Protection of Technical Intern Trainees, which came into force on November 1, 2017.

Types of Technical Intern Training Programs by Accepting Organization

There are two types of acceptance of technical intern training programs.
The first is “organization-supervising technical intern training,” in which trainees are accepted by a supervising organization and then undergo practical training based on an employment contract with the accepting company (which is supervised by the supervising organization).
The other is "individual company-type technical intern training" in which employees of overseas headquarters, branches, affiliated companies, etc. of accepting companies undergo practical training at accepting companies in Japan.

[Group-supervised technical intern training]

[Individual company type technical intern training]

※ Quoted from "Foreign Technical Intern Training Program (partially revised on October 14, 2020, information on the Technical Intern Training Act, ordinances of the competent ministries, etc.)"

Flow of the Technical Intern Training

The flow after entering Japan for foreign Technical Intern Trainees is as follows.

[Technical Intern Training (ⅰ) (a) and (b)] (1 year)
After a two-month course in principle at the supervising organization (accepting company in the case of the individual company type), you will be employed by the accepting company and undergo practical training.

[Technical Intern Training (ⅱ) (a) and (b)] (2 year)
By the end of Technical Intern Training(ⅰ), if you have passed the written test and practical test of the prescribed skill test (basic level, etc.), and in the case of occupations and work that are subject to transition, you can transfer to Technical Intern Training (ⅱ).

[Technical Intern Training (ⅲ) (a) and (b)] (2 year)
By the end of Technical Intern Training (ⅱ), if you have passed the prescribed practical skill test (grade 3, etc.) and are in a category eligible for Technical Intern Training (ⅲ), you can move to Technical Intern Training (ⅲ).
However, before the start of Technical Intern Training (ⅲ) or within one year after the start, it is necessary to return to your home country for at least one month.

About the supervising organization

A supervising organization is a non-profit corporation that supervises companies accepting technical intern trainees, including guidance in creating training plans.
In order to become a supervising organization, it is necessary to apply for permission to become a supervising organization to the Organization for Technical Intern Training and obtain permission from the competent minister.
In addition, it is necessary to take measures for external audits or appoint external officers.
In order to become an external auditor or an external officer, it is necessary to complete a course for external auditors and external officers, and to meet several requirements.

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