Applicable range of status of residence of "Student"

The applicable scope of status of residence of "Student" is as follows.

Activities to receive education at Japanese universities, colleges of technology, high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools, vocational schools, miscellaneous schools, etc.
Therefore, the applicant must not only be enrolled in an educational institution but also have the will and ability to study.

Permission for activities outside the status of residence

Persons with a status of residence of "Student" are not allowed to work, but can work within the following range by obtaining permission for activities outside the status of residence.

  • Working within 28 hours per week
  • Working within 8 hours per day during long holidays at educational institutions

When continuing job hunting after graduating from university or vocational school

After graduating from school, you cannot stay with the status of residence of "Student".
Therefore, if a person with a status of residence of "Student" continues to stay in Japan due to employment, etc., it is necessary to change the status of residence according to the content of the activity.
However, if a person who has graduated from a university or a vocational school (vocational school specialization course) and has obtained the titles of bachelor's or diploma, respectively, will continue to stay in Japan for employment activities even after the period of stay of "Student" has expired, is allowed to change to "Designated Activities" (6 months) for job hunting activities.
This "Designated Activities" (6 months) is allowed to be renewed once, so it is possible to do job hunting for one year after graduation.

Point to be noted

Please note that attendance at school, grades, etc. will be taken into consideration when renewing your status of residence "Student".
Therefore, if you repeat a year for many years, it is possible that you will not be able to renew your status of residence for "Student" even though you will not be expelled from school.

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