Applicable range of "Nursing Care"

It is stipulated that "activities in which a certified care worker is engaged in the work of providing long-term care or guidance for long-term care based on a contract with a public or private institution in Japan", and the following work is applicable.

  1. General care services such as bathing and meal assistance at hospitals and nursing facilities in Japan performed by certified certified care workers (including the creation of care plans)
  2. Home-visit long-term care (target is not limited to elderly care)

※ However, activities based on individual contracts with the care recipient and his / her family are not applicable.

Requirements for a "Nursing Care" visa to be granted

It is necessary to pass the certified care worker national examination and be registered as a certified care worker.

Previously, a "Nursing Care" " visa was not granted unless you graduated from a certified care worker training facility in Japan and obtained a certified care worker qualification (training facility route). It is now possible to obtain a "Nursing Care" visa for those who became certified care workers through the work experience route, welfare high school route, EPA route).

Difference between "Nursing Care" and "Specific Skilled Worker(SSW)" (nursing care)

The differences from the status of residence "Nursing Care" and "Specific Skilled Worker(SSW)" (nursing care) are as follows.

Nursing CareSpecific Skilled Worker(SSW)
nursing care)
examinationIt is necessary to pass the national
examination for certified care worker
It is necessary to pass all of the following
・Passed the nursing care skill evaluation test (except for exceptions)
・Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Japan Foundation Japanese Basics Test or Japanese
Language Proficiency Test)
・Passed the nursing care Japanese evaluation test
Period of stayRenewed every 5 year, 3 year, 1 year, or 3 months, no limit on length of stayRenewed every 1 year, 6 months or 4 months, up to 5 years in total
Accompanied by family membersPossiblebasically not permitted
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