ItemPublic limited companyLimited Liability Company
FounderIndividual or corporationIndividual
Decision-making bodyGeneral meeting of shareholdersGeneral meeting of members
Company ownerShareholdersContributor
Company managementBoard memberManaging member
Company representativeRepresentative directorRepresentative partner
Term of office of officersUsually 2 yearsIndefinite period
Announcement of financial resultsMandatoryUnnecessary
Articles of incorporationNotary certification requiredNo notary certification required
Company establishment costAbout ¥200,000 or moreAbout ¥60,000 or more
In the case of a limited liability company, it takes less time to set up than a public limited company, and the cost of setting up is low.

Cost of establishing a public limited company and a limited liability company

ItemPublic limited companyLimited Liability Company
Articles of Incorporation certification fee¥50,000¥0
Expenses for obtaining a copy of the articles of incorporation (approximate)¥2,000¥0
Registration and license tax
(If the capital is 5 million yen)
Total amount¥202,000¥60,000
a)If you create the articles of incorporation on paper, a separate revenue stamp fee of 40,000 yen is required.
b)If you request a judicial scrivener to register, you will be charged a judicial scrivener fee.

Support items for company establishment

Our office will support the establishment of a company as follows for those who are thinking of establishing a company in accordance with the acquisition of a status of residence of "Business Manager".

  • We support the creation of articles of incorporation and certification of articles of incorporation.(We also provide advance consultation with a notary public.)
  • Our office can create electronic articles of incorporation, eliminating the need for revenue stamps of 40,000 yen.
  • If you would like to request registration, we will introduce you to a judicial scrivener.
  • In addition, we support a series of office work related to establishment.
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