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We offer a free initial consultation for first-time clients, so please feel free to contact us using the "free consultation form" before you start worrying about anything.  
We will reply to your enquiry by email. 
We will then arrange a free consultation if necessary. 
The free consultation can take place either online via ZOOM or in person at our office, at your convenience. 
The date and time of your consultation will be decided by email correspondence. 
What you need to bring to your initial consultation
Depending on the nature of the consultation, you may need to prepare some things in advance. 
We will let you know what you need to bring in advance when we arrange your consultation.
You can choose to meet with us either online via ZOOM or in person at our office, but if you choose to meet with us in person, please be assured that we will arrange our schedule so that you do not have to meet with other clients. 
At the time of the first free consultation, we will explain the estimated costs of a formal request, so that you can decide whether or not to make a formal request. 

* If your concerns have been resolved through consultation, this is the end of the process.
If, after the consultation, you decide to work with us, we will explain to you how we will proceed, what you will need to prepare, and what we will do. 
In addition, a deposit of 50% of the estimated amount must be paid by bank transfer or cash by the specified date.
In the case of immigration matters, the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer in charge of the case will prepare the necessary documents and will contact the client to ask him/her to prepare any necessary items. 
In the case of inheritance, division of property, wills, etc., the administrative scrivener in charge will listen to the wishes of the client and proceed with the work. 
We will ask you to submit the necessary documents and materials, and we may hold meetings with you.
You will be asked to pay the balance of the administrative scrivener's fee in accordance with the terms of the mandate agreement. We will return the documents and other materials we have received.
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VIZA Yamamoto Office
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists

10-9, Inagedai-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba Prf. 263-0032, Japan
Phone number:+81 441 5408
Business hours:10:00~19:00(Except Sundays & Holidays)
We accept emails 24 hours a day, so if you are in a hurry, please contact us by email.