"Re-entry permit" and "Deemed re-entry permit"

If you are a foreigner who has a status of residence and is staying in Japan and you want to re-enter Japan within the period of stay after leaving Japan, you can easily re-enter Japan by obtaining a re-entry permit before leaving Japan.
There are two ways to get a re-entry permit.

① Re-entry permit

  • This is for those who plan to re-enter Japan before the expiration date of their period of stay.
  • There are two types of "Re-entry permit", one that allows one-time entry and the other that allows multiple entry.
  • The application must be submitted to the Immigration services agency of Japan.

② Deemed re-entry permit

  • It is permitted if you plan to re-enter Japan before the expiration date of your period of stay and within one year after leaving Japan.
  • At the time of departure, you can obtain permission by checking the deemed re-entry / departure intention entry field of the re-entry / departure record, and you do not need to apply to the Immigration services agency of Japan.

In the case of "Deemed re-entry permit", the procedure is simple, but if you cannot re-enter Japan within one year after leaving Japan, you will not be allowed to extend the re-entry permit even if you have a remaining period of stay.
In this case, when you re-enter Japan, you need to obtain an entry permit by the same procedure as when you newly enter Japan.
On the other hand, in the case of a "Re-entry permit", if it is recognized that there is a good reason for not being able to re-enter the country within the valid period of the permit, the permit (re-entry permit) will not exceed one year at the diplomatic missions abroad.
Extension of the validity period of the permit is permitted within 6 years from the date when the entry permit) becomes effective.