Those who have evacuated to Japan with "Temporary Visitor" status of residence from Ukraine and wish to continue to stay in Japan can change to "Designated Activities (1 year)" that allow them to work in Japan.


I think that most of the people who have evacuated to Japan due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, this year, have a "Temporary Visiitor" status of residence.
You cannot work with this "Temporary Visiitor" status of residence.
Therefore, for those who wish to continue staying in Japan, it is possible to change to a "Designated Activity (1 year)" where they can work.
However, the procedure must be done at the nearest Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

For details, please see the following sites of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan below.

In addition, our office will support the above procedures for those who have been evacuated from Ukraine free of charge, so if you would like to change to "Designated Activity (1 year)", please contact us.