Reporting and registration of NPOs to the competent authority

NPOs are required to submit various reports to the competent authorities, from establishment to dissolution.
If the NPO neglects this report, it may be subject to revocation of the authorization, so I think that it is being fulfilled.
Also, NPOs are legal entities, so registration is required.
If the registration is not completed at the time of establishment, the NPO will not be established, so forgetting to register cannot happen.
However, regarding the election of officers due to the expiration of the NPO's term of office, submission of a registration completion notification is not required when reporting the business to the competent authority.
For this reason, there are some NPOs that only report to the competent authority and do not register.
Please note that if this registration is neglected, the director or auditor of the NPO may be fined up to 200,000 yen.