What is “Certificate of Employment Eligibility”?

A "Certificate of Employment Eligibility" is a document issued by the Minister of Justice that certifies the employment activities that foreigners residing in Japan can engage in.
Foreign nationals working in Japan are granted a status of residence that allows them to engage in activities according to their specific work content.
However, if your job content changes due to a job change, etc., and you are unsure whether you can perform the new job with your current status of residence, a "Certificate of Employment Eligibility" is what you need to prove it.
Of course, it is not compulsory to obtain a "Certificate of Employment Eligibility," but if you obtain this certificate, you will be able to work with peace of mind, and the procedure for renewing your period of stay will go smoothly.
However, if the job content after the change falls outside the scope of activities of the existing status of residence, it is necessary to apply for permission to change the status of residence.