About the articles of incorporation of NPO

 The articles of incorporation of NPOs stipulate the following 14 items that must be stated.

  1. Purpose
  2. Name
  3. Types of specified non-profit activities and types of businesses related to the specified non-profit activities
  4. Location of main office and other offices
  5. Matters concerning the acquisition and loss of employee qualifications
  6. Matters concerning officers
  7. Matters concerning the meeting
  8. Matters concerning assets
  9. Accounting matters
  10. Fiscal year
  11. When conducting other businesses, the type and other matters related to the other businesses
  12. Matters concerning dissolution
  13. Matters concerning changes to the articles of incorporation
  14. Method of public notice

In addition to these matters, it is necessary to state in the articles of incorporation when requirements other than those stipulated by law are stipulated.
And, when changing the matters stipulated in this Articles of Incorporation, the certification or notification of the competent authority is required.
For example, if you want to change the purpose or name of an NPO, you need to be certified, but if you change the location of the office or the fixed number of officers, you only need to notify.
However, in either case, registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau is required.