Things to keep in mind when hiring foreigners

Recently, there is a labor shortage, and many companies are looking to hire foreigners.
When hiring a foreigner, it is necessary to check with a residence card whether the foreigner has a residence status that allows him or her to work.
What you need to be careful about here is that just because the foreigner you are trying to hire has a working visa, it does not mean that you can let them do any kind of work.
The status of residence is granted depending on the content of the work that the foreigner will be working on, so depending on the content of the new work, it may be necessary to apply for permission to change the status of residence.
Also, depending on the nature of the work, there are some cases in which the status of residence may not be granted.
In such cases, the only option is to hire a foreigner with a status of residence that has no restrictions on work, such as "Permanent Resident" or "Spouse or Child of Japanese National".
If you would like to hire a foreigner but are not sure whether it is possible, we recommend that you consult with a certified administrative procerdures legal specialist who specializes in immigration services for foreigners.