What many foreigners misunderstand about the status of residence of"Business Manager"

There are many foreigners who want to start up businesses in Japan.
For example, some people want to use their experience working as an employee to set up and run their own company. Their reasons for wanting to start up a business vary.
However, there are quite a few foreigners who have no such experience or knowledge and simply want to obtain a status of residence of "Business Manager" in order to reside in Japan.
Our office sometimes receives consultations from such foreigners.
People like this often say, "I know someone who got a tatus of residence of Business Manager, so I want to get one too".
When we ask about the work experience related to the company they want to start, some people reply, "I don't have any experience, but 5 million yen would be fine, right?"
The status of residence of "Business Manager" is necessary to run a company, so if the company goes bankrupt, the status of residence of "Business Manager" will not be approved for renewal.
And, naturally, you won't be allowed to go work for another company just because your current company isn't doing well.
A business plan is important to keep your company running and avoid bankruptcy.
A business plan is a plan for how the applicant wants to run their company, and a business plan must be submitted when applying for a status of residence of "Business Manager".
We may decline requests from people who simply want to obtain a status of residence of "Business Manager" without any particular plan in mind, after explaining the above.
Of course, we will do our best to support requests from people who have the enthusiasm and ideas for business.