Even for traffic violations, "naturalization" is not permitted depending on the content and frequency.

One of the requirements for "Naturalization" is that "behavior is good".
If you commit a crime and receive punishment such as imprisonment, it is not recognized as "behavior is good" because it falls under "Reasons for deportation".
On the other hand, minor traffic violations do not fall under the "Reasons for deportation", but may not be recognized as "behavior is good", which is one of the conditions for applying for "Naturalization".
Specifically, there seems to be an example in which "Naturalization" was not recognized even if there were five or more parking violations or speed violations in the past five years.
“Naturalization” means that you will acquire Japanese nationality and become a Japanese national, and you will be given various rights, so the requirements are stricter than your normal status of residence.
Those who are thinking of naturalizing to Japan in the future need to be careful about minor violations such as traffic violations.