Due to the revision of the system of the Specifed Skilled Worker, in some fields, the examination was exempted when transitioning from Technical intern training(ⅱ) to Specifed Skilled Worker.

On August 30th, a cabinet decision was made to change the policy on the operation of the system related to the status of residence for Specifed Skilled Worker (operational policy by sector).
Those who completed Technical intern training(ⅱ) were exempt from specific skill tests, etc., and were treated as meeting the required skill level.
This time, the following occupations, which were not subject to examination exemption until now, can now be transferred with examination exemption.
・Accommodation industry (customer service/hygiene management work)
・Non-heating processed seafood manufacturing industry (cooked processed product manufacturing work, raw food manufacturing work)"
・ Fishery & aquaculture (stick seine fishery work)
In addition to the above, the Cabinet decision also took measures to integrate the manufacturing and construction field, which had been subdivided into 19 jobs, into 3 jobs.