What is an adjudicatio of disappearance?

An adjudicatio of disappearance is a system that has the effect of presuming a missing person to be legally dead.
For example, if a family member is missing and it is not clear if he or she is alive or dead, the property of the missing person cannot be disposed of.
Also, if the missing person has a spouse, that spouse cannot remarry.
Therefore, a missing person can be deemed dead by filing a petition for a ruling of adjudication of a disappearance in the family court.
There are two types of disappearance declarations: ordinary disappearance and perilous disappearance.
Ordinary disappearance is declared when the life or death of an unknown person is unknown for seven years, while perilous disappearance is when the life or death of an unknown person is not known for one year after the danger has passed, such as a ship accident or earthquake.
Once the ruling on the adjudication of disappearance has been finalized, the missing person is deemed dead and inheritance occurs.