We recommend that you start preparing early, even if you are applying for a visa renewal.

Foreigners residing in Japan are required to renew their status of residence unless they have a status of residence of "Permanent Resident".
Applications for renewal can be made from three months before the expiration date, but some people do not apply until the last minute because they are relieved that it is an extension.
However, just because you apply for a renewal does not mean that it will be approved immediately.
For example, in the case of a work visa, if there is a reason such as changing jobs, the examination will be the same as a new application, and even in the case of a “spouse of a Japanese national, etc.”, depending on the situation, the examination may take time.
Therefore, we recommend that those whose circumstances have changed since their last application or renewal should prepare early.

If you have any concerns about your application, please feel free to contact our office.