Guarantor for permanent residency application

Some foreigners working in Japan are having trouble deciding who to act as a guarantor when applying for permanent residence.
Some foreigners who do not have relatives in Japan are said to have no one to ask for a guarantor.
In fact, we sometimes receive inquiries such as, "I want to apply for permanent residence, but there is no one who can be my guarantor. Can you introduce me to someone?"
This is due to the misunderstanding that the guarantor when applying for permanent residency will have the same responsibility as the "guarantor" required for applying for a loan, etc. .
The contents of the letter of guarantee for permanent residence application are as follows.
"When applying for the permanent residence permit of the above person, I guarantee that I let the person will comply with the laws and regulations of Japan while he/she is in Japan and I will provide necessary support to properly perform public duties.”
In addition, this warranty obligation is not legally enforceable and is only a moral responsibility. (Q&A on Immigration/Residence Examination)
Therefore, if you are a company employee, we recommend that you explaining that they are only morally responsible to your colleague, boss, or friend and ask to be a guarantor.