Precautions when foreigners establish a company in Japan

In order for foreigners to establish a company and conduct business in Japan, they must obtain a "Business Manager" status of residence.
A company can be established immediately if it meets certain requirements.
However, just because you have established your own company does not necessarily mean that you will be granted the "Business Manager" status of residence.
In order to be granted the "Business Manager" status of residence, there are requirements that are not required when establishing a company.
Among these, the most important thing to note is that it is necessary to submit a "business plan."
This "business plan" must also include the business model and income and expenditure plan for several years, and depending on the contents of the "business plan", the status of residence of "Business Manager" may not be recognized.
Creating a "business plan" can be extremely difficult for those who have never created one before.
Originally, a "business plan" should be created by the applicant himself, so some Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists do not provide any assistance in creating a "business plan."
Therefore, if you are concerned about creating a "business plan", we recommend that you ask a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist who can also assist you in creating a "business plan".

Our office also provides support for creating "business plan", so please feel free to leave it to us.