Target fields have been added to the “Specified Skilled Worker” status of residence.

Until now, 12 fields were recognized for the "Specified Skilled Worker" status of residence.
Starting from this April, four new fields have been added: "Automobile Transportation," "Railroads," "Forestry," and "Wood Industry."
The field of "Automobile Transportation" is divided into three business categories: trucks, taxis, and buses.
In the field of "Railway", in addition to maintenance and vehicle manufacturing, the work category of transportation staff (station staff, conductors, drivers, etc.) has been added.
Additionally, what was previously called the "Materials, Industrial Machinery, Electrical, Electronic, and Information-related Manufacturing Field'' has been changed to the "Industrial Product Manufacturing Field'' due to the addition of business classifications.
Furthermore, new operations have been added in the "Shipbuilding and marine industry field" and the "Food and beverage manufacturing field".
However, accepting organizations are still obligated to join field-specific councils and provide support to foreigners.

If you are considering hiring foreigners with "Specified Skilled Worker" in these newly added fields, please contact our office.