Is capital of 5 million yen necessary to establish a new company and acquire a status of residence of “Business Manager”?

Some foreigners think that 5,000,000 yen is required for capital in order to establish a new company in Japan and obtain the status of residence of "Business Manager", but this is not accurate.
The "Ministerial Order to Provide for Criteria Pursuant to Article 7, Paragraph (1), Item (ii) of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act" stipulates the size of the company.
It states that one of the following conditions must be met:

  1. the business is conducted by at least two full-time employees residing in Japan other than those who operate or manage the business;
  2. the amount of the stated capital or the total amount of the contribution is least 5 million yen;
  3. the size of the business is found to be equivalent to the size set forth in 1 or 2.

Therefore, if you establish a new company and employ two or more full-time employees, you do not need capital of 5 million yen.
However, establishing a new company and suddenly hiring two or more employees is a high hurdle.
Therefore, as a rule equivalent to that, it is stipulated that the capital or investment must be 5 million yen or more.

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