What is a “Highly Skilled Professional(HSP)”?

"Highly Skilled Professional(HSP)" is a status of residence established to promote the acceptance of human resources with advanced specialized skills, and points are set for each item such as "educational background", "work experience", "annual income", etc. , is recognized when the total points reach a certain number.
Highly-skilled professionals" include Category (ⅰ)(a) for "Advanced academic research activities", Category (ⅰ)(b) for "Advanced specialized/technical activities", and Category (ⅰ)(c) for"Advanced business management activities".
Also, if you have stayed in Japan for more than 3 years with the status of residence of "Highly Skilled Professional (i)", you can apply for "Highly Skilled Professional (ii)".
If you are certified as a "Highly Skilled Professional(HSP)", you will receive various preferential treatment for immigration and residency management, so why not check if you are eligible?

If you are thinking of applying for a “Highly Skilled Professional(HSP)”, please contact our office.