Is it possible for foreigners living in Japan to use the Japanese adult guardianship system?

Some foreigners living in Japan may want to use the adult guardianship system to manage their property due to dementia.
By the way, is it possible for a foreigner without Japanese nationality to use the Japanese adult guardianship system?
Japan's "Act on General Rules for the Application of Laws" stipulates that Japanese courts can adjudicate when a person who becomes a ward has a domicile or residence in Japan.
In addition, the law stipulates that guardianship shall be governed by the law of the ward's home country.
On the other hand, in the following cases, it is stipulated that the judgment of guardianship will be governed by Japanese law.
ⅰ) When there is a cause for the commencement of guardianship, but there is no person in Japan to handle the affairs of guardianship.
ii) When there is a ruling to start guardianship in Japan
Therefore, in the case of foreigners living in Japan, procedures such as a ruling for the commencement of adult guardianship can be carried out at a Japanese family court.