Change from “Temporary Visitor” to “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”

A change of status of residence from “Temporary Visitor” to another status of residence is stipulated that “it shall not be permitted unless it is based on unavoidable special circumstances” (Article 20, Paragraph 3 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act).
Therefore, it is not possible to change the status of residence without special unavoidable circumstances.
“Marriage to a Japanese national” falls under the “special unavoidable circumstances” mentioned here, so there is a possibility that an application for change from “Temporary Visitor” to “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”.
Of course, in order to be granted the status of residence of "Spouse or Child of Japanese National", it is necessary that the marriage is legally established in both countries of nationality.
Other requirements such as income must also be met.
However, since this change application is an exceptional response due to unavoidable special circumstances, the examination will be strict.