When hiring a foreigner at a restaurant

When you are hiring a foreigner at a restaurant, that foreigner must have the status of residence of "Permanent Resident", "Spouse or Child of Japanese National", "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident", or "Long-Term Resident".
The working visa that can be employed at a restaurant is a "Skilled Labor".
However, only chefs who are allowed to work as "Skilled Labor" are limited to chefs who cook Chinese, French, and Indian cuisines that were invented in foreign countries but are not so popular in Japan.
In addition to the above, there is a "Specified Skilled Worker" that has been accepted since April 2019.
There are 12 fields of "Specified Skilled Worker", one of which is the ”Food Service Industry.
Therefore, you can hire foreigners with tha status of residence of "Specified Skilled Worker".
One thing to keep in mind when hiring foreigners with "Specified Skilled Worker" is that they must be engaged in the general food service industry (cooking, customer service, store management).
Therefore, it is not possible to engage in specific tasks such as cooking only or serving customers only.
Of course, if it is a part-time job, it is also possible to hire a person with a status of residence of "Student" or "Dependent" .