What is Special Permission to Stay in Japan?

Special permission to stay in Japan corresponds to the deportation grounds stipulated by the Immigration Control Act, so the Minister of Justice grants a residence permit to foreigners who would normally be deported as having special circumstances.
Article 50 of the Immigration Control Act cites the following cases as cases where the Minister of Justice may grant special permission to stay.

  1. When you have a status of residence of "Permanent Resident".
  2. When you have had your permanent domicile in Japan as a Japanese citizen in the past.
  3. When the person resides in Japan under the control of another person due to trafficking in persons, etc.

Even in cases other than the above, Special Permission to Stay in Japan will be more likely to be granted if there are the following circumstances.

  • If you are legally married to a Japanese or special permanent resident and have a child with your spouse
  • If you are raising a child who is enrolled in a Japanese elementary school or junior high school