Do you know the "Electronic Articles of Incorporation"?

Not limited to foreigners, if you want to establish a new company in Japan, you need to prepare the articles of incorporation.
The items to be stated in the articles of incorporation are stipulated by the Companies Act, and the items that must be stated (absolute items) are as follows.

  1. Purpose
  2. Trade name
  3. Location of the head office
  4. The value of the property invested at the time of establishment or the minimum amount thereof
  5. Name or address of the founder
  6. Total number of issuable shares (must be determined by the time the corporation is established)

In addition to the above, there are relative items that must be entered if specified, and optional items that can be freely stated.
In the case of a Kabushiki gaisha, it is not enough to just stipulate the articles of incorporation, and it will take effect only after being authenticated by a notary.
In addition to the authentication fee (50,000 yen)by a notary, a revenue stamp fee (40,000 yen) is also required.
However, if the articles of incorporation are created in the form of an electronic file and authenticated, the revenue stamp fee (40,000 yen) will not be required.
However, in order to create the Electronic Articles of Incorporation, it is necessary to make an electronic signature with a digital certificate issued by an accreditation body designated by the Ministry of Justice.
When a foreigner establishes a company in Japan, it is certain to ask a certified administrative procedures legal specialist, including the preparation of the articles of incorporation. However, please note that some administrative scriveners can make an electronic signature with a digital certificate and some do not.

We can also make an electronic signature with a digital certificate, so if you are thinking of establishing a company, please feel free to contact us.