Precautions for writing a last will and testament

There are three types of "last wills and testament": "notarial last wills and testament", "secret last wills and testament", and "self-written last wills and testament".
In order for the "a last will and testament" to be valid, it must be prepared in the "statement method in accordance with the provisions of the law".
If it is a ""notarial last wills and testament", the notary will create it, so there is no need for the will creator to pay attention to the "statement method in accordance with the provisions of the law".
However, just because "a last will and testament" is valid does not mean that there is no conflict between heirs.
In particular, if the "a last will and testament" infringes the "legally secured portion" (eg, does not inherit the inheritance to a particular heir at all) and the heir is not satisfied with it, it is likely to be in dispute.
"Legally secured portion" is a right stipulated by law and cannot be infringed by "a last will and testament".
It is recommended that you consult with an expert such as an administrative scrivener in order to avoid the fact that the heirs will have a dispute even though you have made "a last will and testament".

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