Even if the father of the child to be born is Japanese, the nationality of the child does not necessarily become Japan.

When a foreign woman becomes pregnant and the child's father is Japanese, it is easy to think that the nationality of the child to be born will be Japan, but that is not the case.
Japanese Nationality law stipulates that Japanese nationality should be acquired if the father who died at the time of the birth of the child or before the birth of the child is Japanese.
In order to be a "Father" here, one of the following conditions must be met.
① The foreign mother and the Japanese father are officially married.
② If not officially married, the father acknowledged the child during pregnancy.
Common-law marriage and common-law marriage do not mean that you are officially married, so it is necessary for the father to recognize the child during pregnancy.
If the child is not recognized by the time of birth, the nationality of the born child will be the nationality of the mother, so it is necessary to apply for permission to obtain a status of residence to the Immigration Bureau of Japan within 30 days after the birth of the child.
After recognition, the child can acquire Japanese nationality by submitting a notification.

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