Foreigners can also make a "My Number Card (Individual Number Card)".

The "My Number Card (Individual Number Card)" is a plastic card with an IC chip that proves your Individual Number (My Number) when performing administrative procedures in Japan.
The "My Number Card (Individual Number Card)" can be registered not only by Japanese but also by foreigners as long as they are registered as residents.
Advantages of the "My Number Card (Individual Number Card)" include the ability to obtain a copy of your resident record at a convenience store without going to the municipal office, and the ability to use it for personal authentication when applying online.
Especially when it comes to applying for a copy of the residence certificate, you don't have to go to the municipal office during business hours, and you can get it at the nearest convenience store.
Now you can get up to 20,000 yen worth of Mina Points, so if you don't have a "My Number Card (Individual Number Card)" yet, why not take this opportunity to apply?

For details, please visit the following website.