For foreigners living abroad to create a company in Japan and obtain a "Business Manager" visa

The status of residence for a foreigner to manage a company in Japan is "Business Manager".
If you are a foreigner living abroad, you will apply for a visa through the Japanese embassy in that country.
However, this method takes a lot of time for immigration.
From now on, if you go to Japan and start a company, after submitting the articles of incorporation and a detailed business plan, if the Immigration Serviices Agency of Japan judges that the company is definitely expected to be established, you will get a "Business Manager(Period of stay: 4 months)" visa.
After that, you will enter Japan and establish a company.
However, this method has a high hurdle, so it is often the case that a representative residing in Japan is asked to establish the company, and after the establishment, the representative applies for a "Certificate of Eligibility(COE) ".

If you are currently living overseas and are thinking of establishing and operating a company in Japan, please feel free to contact us.