If a foreigner raises a child born to a Japanese person in Japan after divorce or bereavement, it is possible to change the status of residence to "Long-Term Resident(LTR)".

If a foreign national raises a child born to a Japanese person as parental authority after divorce or bereavement of the Japanese person, the foreigner may be granted the status of residence of "Long-Term Resident(LTR)" .
The conditions for this change to “Long-Term Resident(LTR)” to be permitted are as follows:

  1. A child supported by a foreigner must be the biological child of the foreigner born with a Japanese.
  2. The foreign national has parental authority over the child.
  3. The foreign national actually takes custody and raises the child.
  4. The foreign national has sufficient assets or skills to make a living.

Marriage between a foreigner and a Japanese person is not necessarily a requirement for the approval of this "Long-Term Resident(LTR)".
If the foreigner is not officially married to a Japanese person, if the above conditions are met, there is a possibility that a "Long-Term Resident(LTR)" will be recognized.

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