When you start a part-time job, read the contract carefully

When you start a part-time job at a restaurant or convenience store, it is normal to exchange a contract.
However, the wording of the contract may use phrases that are not often used in everyday conversation, and I think that some people do not read all the details properly.
Especially for foreigners, it may be difficult to read the contract unless you have a good command of Japanese.
Laws are amended according to circumstances, so what was legal in the past may now be illegal.
Therefore, if the old contract is used as it is, it may happen that there are clauses that are now illegal.
Owners of privately owned restaurants and franchised convenience stores are not necessarily familiar with the law, and may not always be able to check that the contract is up to date with the latest laws.
From the perspective of preventing future troubles, we recommend that you read the contract carefully when you start a part-time job.
If you do not understand the contents of the contract well, or if you think it is strange, it may be a good idea to consult an expert.