To everyone who has taken the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist exam

Yesterday, the 2022 Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist exam was implemented.
Since many schools publish answer bulletins, I think that many of those who have taken the exams have self-graded based on them.
The quick answer report may be revised at a later date, so it cannot be said that it is 100% correct at this time, but it is still sufficient as a guideline.
As a result of the self-grading, those who have scored 180 points or more only for the multiple-choice questions have almost passed, so please wait with peace of mind until the results are announced.
Unfortunately, those who did not score 120 points in the multiple-choice question have no chance of passing the exam, so they will have to try again next year.
On the other hand, those who scored between 120 and 178 points for the multiple-choice question will not know the results until the results are announced on January 25 (Wednesday) next year, so they will be anxious.
When I took the exam myself, I couldn't score 180 on multiple-choice questions, so I remember spending days feeling anxious until the results were announced.
In any case, you should have been studying hard for the exam, so I recommend that you forget about the exam for a while and take a rest.