The business classification of Specific Skilled Worker (Construction Industry Field) has been integrated.

Until now, the work categories in the Construction Industry Field in the specific skill system, which had been divided into 19, have been integrated into three categories: "Civil Engineering", "Architecture", and "Lifeline/Equipment".
The background of this revision is as follows.
・Due to the fact that the categori was subdivided into 19, the scope of work that can be performed by foreigners with specific skills was limited.
・There was some work related to the construction industry that was not included in the Specific Skilled Worker.
In addition, if you are already working as a Specific Skilled Foreigner, you can perform work corresponding to the new work classification that has been read based on the "work classification reading table accompanying system revision".
Therefore, if there are no additions or changes to the work to be engaged in, procedures such as notification to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, etc. are not required.