Is the bank account of the deceased frozen when the death certificate is filed?

When a person dies, a death certificate must be filed within 7 days of the date of death.
Some people think that filing this death certificate will freeze the deceased person's bank account, but that's not the case.
Even if you submit the death notification, the bank will not be contacted by the government office, so the bank account will not be frozen even if you submit the death notification.
Even so, if there are multiple heirs, withdrawing money from the deceased's account without permission can cause trouble, so be careful.
In such a case, we recommend that you "refund the inheritance deposit before the division of the inheritance" based on Article 909-2 of the Civil Code.
This is a system that allows you to withdraw deposits from the bank account of the deceased up to the amount calculated by the following formula or 1.5 million yen, whichever is lower, without the permission of other heirs.

  • Amount of deposits and savings receivables at the time of inheritance (deposit balance) x 1/3 x statutory inheritance portion of the heir seeking provisional payment.

However, using this system means unqualified acceptance the inheritance, so be careful if the deceased has debts.