What is the special period for visa application?

Since the residence card has a period of stay, it is necessary to apply for permission to extend the period of stay or change the status of residence within that period.
If you do not apply for this permission and the period of stay expires, you will be illegally staying.
If you apply for this permission but do not receive the result of the examination by the expiration date of the period of stay, from the time of the examination result or the expiration date of the period of stay of the residence card at the time of applying for this permission you can continue to stay in Japan with this status of residence until the end of the two months, whichever comes first.
This period is called the special period.
However, in consideration of the possibility that the application may be rejected, we recommend that you apply well in advance of your period of stay, rather than applying just before the expiration date of your period of stay.