Supervising organizations in Technical Intern Training must take measures for external audits or appoint external officers

In the Technical Intern Training Program, the acceptance method is divided into an individual company type and a supervising group type.
Of these, in the supervising organization type, Technical Intern Trainees will undergo training at an accepting company that is arranged by the supervising organization.
The supervising organization provides support to the accepting company, such as assisting the accepting company in creating a Technical Intern Training plan, and is also supposed to conduct audits of the accepting company.
Therefore, in order to confirm whether the supervising organization is properly conducting audits, etc. of the accepting company, it is obligatory to take measures for external audits or appoint external officers.
In order to become an external auditor and external officer, it is necessary to complete a course for external auditors and external officers and to clear several requirements.
Our office has completed training for external auditors, so it is possible to become an external auditor.