Can a person whose status of residence is only permitted for a period of one year be allowed to become naturalized?

Foreigners living in Japan have some kind of status of residence.
When the foreigner applies for naturalization, it is necessary that the permitted period of stay is 3 years or more.
Those who are permitted to stay in Japan for only one year will not be permitted even if they apply for naturalization.
However, if a Japanese spouse applies for naturalization, permission will not be denied on the grounds that the period of stay is one year.
This is because the Family Register Act stipulates that the Minister of Justice may permit the naturalization of the following persons.

  • A Japanese spouse who has had a domicile or residence in Japan for three years or longer and who currently has a domicile in Japan.
  • Three years have passed since the date of marriage, and a person who has had a domicile in Japan for one year or longer.

I have seen incorrect information posted on Youtube etc. regarding the conditions for naturalization.
If you are considering naturalization, we recommend that you consult with an administrative scrivener who mainly handles immigration work for foreigners.