Technical Intern Training Program will be reviewed

Technical Intern Training Program, which has been controversial until now, will be reviewed in line with the actual situation.
There are two major changes:

  1. This will enable a smooth transition from the new system to Specified Skilled Worker.
    Under the current Technical Intern Training Program, after completing the technical intern training, in principle, trainees are required to return to their home country and utilize the skills they have acquired.
    Of course, there was a way to transition to Specified Skilled Worker (i) after completing the technical training, but there were some jobs that were not possible.
    Under the new system, all workers will be able to transition to Specific Skilled Worker.
  2. Transfers can be made according to the individual's wishes.
    Until now, transfers were not allowed unless there were unavoidable circumstances.
    Under the new system, if certain requirements are met, the person will be able to transfer if they wish.

Additionally, in line with the above, requirements for supervising organizations, etc. are expected to become stricter.